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How to Remove, Delete or Hide RocketTheme Logo Image and Copyright at Footer in Joomla 1.5 Template

In RocketTheme Joomla 1.5 template (in this case, Akiraka RocketTheme Template) if you want to remove, delete or hide RocketTheme logo at footer, you can do that by change "Show Copyright Information" option to "No" in RocketTheme Template Parameters in Joomla Administrator Backend. But it will hide or remove the footer included the text: "(c) Copyright 2009, All Right Reserved".
So, you have to use default joomla footer module if you want the footer show in your site template (using joomla default footer module will show "Restore Default Setting" and "Return to Top image" too).
Here, I want to show you some tips n tricks that i know how to remove, delete or hide RocketTheme logo at footer but still want to use the RocketTheme's text footer.
Plese note that this is Just Sharing All The Things I Know.

There're 2 (two) files that need to edited in (rt_akiraka_j15) template folder:
1. index.php (remove RocketTheme logo)
2. en-GB.tpl_rt_akiraka_j15.ini (modify text: (c) Copyright 2009, All Right Reserved)

The Steps:

1. index.php

Open "index.php" file and look at line 417, i mean this line:
<a href="" title="<?php echo JText::_('ROCKETTHEME_JTC'); ?>" id="rocket" class="png"></a>

It up to you either just delete that line or make that as a comment, like this:
// <a href="" title="<?php echo JText::_('ROCKETTHEME_JTC'); ?>" id="rocket" class="png"></a>

Maybe you just want to change its logo to your logo (and link), it's up to you. (How about logo image dimension?)

We're half way to go.

2. en-GB.tpl_rt_akiraka_j15.ini

Now, open "en-GB.tpl_rt_akiraka_j15.ini" file.
Change, modify or remove the text after "=" sign.

This is what I did:

SLOGAN=Just Sharing All The Things I Know
COPYRIGHT=Managed by Just Sharing All The Things I Know.
INC_FONT_SIZE=Increase Font Size
DEC_FONT_SIZE=Decrease Font Size
RETURN_TO_TOP=Return to Top
ROCKETTHEME_JTC=RocketTheme Joomla Templates Club

If you want to change "copyright" word with "managed by", you need to remove or delete "©" sign at line 419 in "index.php" file to remove the copyright sign.

Hope that's useful.

Sorry (again) for my english :P .
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  1. how about this new challenge:

    can't delete the copyright stuff from the new template: which is available for free

  2. Hello my friend, your tutorial is very good(y) I would like to know if is possible change image of "Rockettheme" by another? I want have to in the footer of my page will have an image with url to my principal website

  3. I've been trying to change the link of the actual logo itself, for website Glisten Digital Design. So far I've been unsuccessful! I will have to see if I can find it on the rocketheme website itself...

    Thanks anyway

  4. To all my friend... please specify which template (name of the template) do you use. So maybe I can help you because sometimes different template need different "treatment"... :-)

  5. Hi there
    back in the day I actually removed the whole code so there would be nothing at the bottom of the site. Now I realise I actually need to put my own logo that will be linked to my main site.

    any help'd be grand...

  6. To Tom: I hope you can find the solve on the rockettheme website.

  7. @elymental: I assumed you removed the codes in index.php file and you know which codes you have removed. If you have backup file or the template compressed file, try to copy the code from original file you have. If you forget, try to compare the codes from the modified file with the original one. You can change the logo link on the footer by edited the codes in that index.php file. For the image logo at the bottom of the site, you can replace the original file (rocket.png) with yours but the file name must be rocket.png and the image dimension must be same as the original, if you want named it as you prefer and your logo dimension different from the original's, I think there would be some files that need to be edited or modified. I would try to see which files that need to edited or modified.
    I hope it would help you and Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. work for me... template 2009 year... thx

  9. Hi There
    Great posts and hope you could help. I am good with RocketThemes but have a problem with a couple of templates.
    The RocketTheme infuse is what I need to install in a different tempolate folder other than the rt_infuse_j15 folder. I have gone through all files to find what is stoping the site from working and only found 3 places that would need to be changed, but it still wont grt to the template. Any ideas Thanks Buck

  10. @Anonymous: what kind of problems did you got? Could you explain to me? Hope I could help you (but I can't promise that)

  11. @Anonymous:
    For RT Infuse template..
    I found not only 3 places (files) that need to be changed, but 6 files:

    - item.xml (2 files in different subfolder)
    - fusion.ini
    - splitmenu.ini
    - splitmenu_subnav.ini
    - templateDetails.ini

    Hope this would help you.

  12. hello ,
    how can i remove the link febraury design 09 in akiraka (rocket theme template ) pls i'm confusing
    slogan position is moved to mainlogo top .. pls give me idea
    thanks in advance ...

  13. @chandra:
    If you mean to hide "Akiraka February Design 09" image, you can hide it in the template parameter.

    Go to Extensions>Template Manager and open/click on "rt_akiraka_j15".
    Look at Parameters, find "Show Main Logo" and select "No".

    If this is not what you need,please give me more detail, I'm not good in English ...

  14. Justsharing,

    Thanks for your advice. I've managed to edit the image & edit the link so the that part works. However i would like to alter both the 'February Design 09' slogan and the copyright, "© Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved". I followed your simple instructions by editing the text in en-GB.tpl_rt_akiraka_j15.ini & upload the ammended file anit still does not work? Any advice?

  15. Thanks for the help on how to change copyright date on RocketThemes Joomla Templates!

  16. This worked for me! (How to change copyright date on RocketThemes Templates)

  17. Hello,

    I can't remove the copyright from th theme "rt_juxta", can you help me , please?
    Thnk you

  18. Thanks Alot! Your post is very HelpFull Thanks

  19. map:

  20. Great posting.this is the first time i read this type blog.It explain how to remove or delete a image in Joomla template.thanks for wonderful explanation.It is very helpful.Thank u.

  21. I know how to do it in the Rockettheme KRIOS template.
    Look for the following file -

    Find the line 29 it is A HREF

    You can also edit the URL in the above line and use your own and replace the rockettheme logo with your own. The path to the logo is -

  22. It is really nice to read this post. I learnt so many things here. I love your post and expect more post from you. Thanks for sharing it.


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